Associa Gulf Coast


Most, if not all of your initial contact with Associa should be directed to the following Customer Care phone number and/or email address.  The customer care representative should be able to help you, or at least get you in contact with someone that can help.

Associa Gulf Coast's Customer Care
Call:  727-577-2200
Email:  [email protected] 

When your coupons were mailed to you, they were accompanied by addressed envelopes to send your HOA dues payments in.  If you have misplaced those envelopes, you may use your own envelope and address it to the address below:”

Payments may be mailed to:

Silver Oaks Community Association
Associa Gulf Coast Clearwater
PO Box 527425
Miami, FL 33152


To request an Estoppel Letter, or to view our community’s Governing Documents, please visit our community’s website at There is a vertical menu on the left side of the page where you can click on the link for Estoppel or Governing Documents and follow directions from there.


We recommend that you sign up for access to Associa Town Square  You’ll be able to monitor your HOA account to verify your payments have been posted.  If you are having issues signing up for access, or are having problems with logging on, please use the following information to contact Associa:

Associa Town Square:    

  • Call Associa Service Desk: (888) 206-0368