Estoppel Requests - Associa

The Silver Oaks Community Association has elected to have our property management company (Associa Gulf Coast) process our estoppel requests.  You may request your estoppel docs from them as described below:

All documents related to Selling/Refinancing (including Estoppels/Governing Docs/Financials, Lender Questionnaires, etc.) can be ordered online through: “Community Archivesby following the below instructions:

▪ Please go to:

▪ This site is for the entire country

▪ Click ORDER RESALE DOCUMENTS at the top of the page

▪ Scroll down to PLACE AN ORDER and click ASSOCIA GULF COAST

▪ You will be redirected to Community Achieves website where you must Register

This will transfer you to Community Archives were you will need to register by creating a user id. Once you have created a user id you will be able to purchase the items needed. These items will be delivered via e-mail by Community Archives within 5-10 business days. For your convenience Community Archives does offer an Expedite service by paying an additional fee for this service. If you need further assistance, please call the Customer Care center at 1-833-544-7031 and they will be happy to assist you.